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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Extra income to website owners. Join freebies for webmasters to earn up £5/month without doing nothing,

No need to click ads
No need to view ads
No traffic needed
No need to sell their products

Their requirements:

For Freebies for Webmasters they accepts 3 URLs per unique domain, you are welcome to submit as many of your own domains to display advertisements and receive regular monthly payments. You will receive your free £10 payment for joining when your first banner is live the three pages of your site 72 hours after approval. After that you will receive monthly £5 payments by email if the banners are still on your site.This is free registration.

Another one is matched same concept as freebies for webmasters but in matched you can earn up to £15/month. visit their sites for details.

Thanks for reading!

Proof came from my paypal account

Proof came from my paypal account
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